Professional Goal is to provide loving care for kids. Pick and drop facility from school. Organize productive activities for kids. Ensure helping kids complete homework and other tasks. Groom kids to inculcate hobbies and ensure participation in leisure activities. Take kids to the doctor as per appointment and perform activities as per parenting guidelines.

Fancy Nannies connects you with trained childcare providers that keep your children safe, happy and engaged on a full-time or part-time basis. Our nannies maintain the daily routine of children including implementing schedules and planning entertaining games, arts and crafts projects and outdoor activities. Our nannies can also assist with meal preparation, hygiene, laundry and light housekeeping. The focus is on your children’s individual needs and development. A live-out nanny is a great option for families who are unable to accommodate living quarters and require less assistance. There are some caregivers who prefer a scheduled work day providing in home care and then returning to their own private home at the end of the day.

Fancy Nannies offers an option for children and adults with special needs and/or disabilities. Live-In caregivers can provide in-home individualized care, support, companionship, and engagement in activities. These services are conducted by quality trained caregivers. The services can be stand-alone, or in addition to government subsidized home care. Again, Fancy Nannies ensures that you find the right caregiver by thoroughly assessing your needs and the caregiver’s profile.


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