Welcome to fancy nannies. At fancy nannies, our professionals are here to assist our families and clients to get the best nanny services and maintaining a good household by achieving a balance, happiness and satisfaction in search for a good nanny/caregiver in Alberta.


We are reliable, We offer passionate, consistent and loving nannies services. We are always there to work with you to provide the exact help your family need. We understand each family has different needs and our team is able to meet their needs.


Fancy nannies are one of the best and most trusted nanny agency in Alberta. We offer highly professionalized nanny services. We make sure our clients get the right fit for nanny services. Our client deserves the best. We have caring, dedicated and passionate professionals nannies. We are very reliable and make sure we treat our client with respect and maintain confidentiality. Our nannies are the best and highly ranked in their field.

  • We make sure our client get the right fit to suit their family needs.
  • We offer immediate services to our clients.
  • We do pick up /Drop off of kids for school.
  • We encourage inclusion.
  • We take kids for educational fun activities such as sparks, swimming, hockey, library e.t.c.
  • We read for the kids and make sure the kids do their homework.
  • We do light house cleaning.
  • We take kids for shopping.
  • We are open 5 days a week.
  • We answer phone calls and return calls as soon as possible.
  • We work as a team.
  • We refer nannies /caregivers.
  • We encourage open communications 24/7.
  • We provide good and friendly customer services.
  • We are committed to providing long term commitments and respond to mediation in terms of conflicts.
  • We do proper follow-ups after placement.
  • No consultation fee is charge. We only charge a one-time referral fees.

We are glad that you preferred to contact us. Please fill our short form and one of our friendly team members will contact you back.